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If you plan to visit Las Vegas you are missing out if you dont subscribe to the Las Vegas Advisor. This publication will tell you where to find the best bargains and the places to go and things to see in Las Vegas. The average tourist will never know about these deals. The coupons in the Pocketbook of Value are worth more than the price of the subscription.

The Newsletter

Anthony Curtis started the Las Vegas Advisor in February of 1983 as a mimeographed sheet listing the promotions and deals around town. The popularity and success of his sheet grew and he founded Huntington Press and started publishing it as a 12 page monthly newsletter. Each issue brings you Anthonys Couponomy column with the latest important news from Las Vegas. There is a list of the months Top Ten Values around town. Other sections in the newsletter cover: Dining, Entertainment and Gambling. You will find news and reviews along with other up to the minute bargains and promotions being held that month.

I have been a subscriber to the LVA since 1995 and in that time the coupons in the POV have expanded but the price of the subscription has not changed. In fact if you subscribe to the online membership the price is less that it was 15 years ago.

Full Membership $50 per year

Online Membership $37 per year

5-Day Membership

Single Issue $5

Pocketbook Of Values

The biggest value of your subscription to the Las Vegas Advisor is the Pocketbook of Values (POV). Each year Anthony Curtis and the staff of the LVA contact the casinos and other merchants to secure deals and discounts. Many of these are not available anywhere else. This year there are 173 coupons in the POV. If you used every coupon in the book the estimated value is over $2,000 but even if you only visit Las Vegas one time a year you can recoup your subscription price by using one or 2 coupons. You will find coupons offering 2-for-1 on:






This year there are over 45 coupons for gambling. These include many Match Play coupons at numerous casinos. There are also coupons that will get you 2 or 3 times points on your players card for a day at several casinos.

Las Vegas Advisor Website

The newsletter is published once a month but the LVA website is updated daily. As a subscriber to the newsletter you will get free access to a special members only section. Here you will find daily specials and e- coupons you can print and take with you. These are a supplement to the coupons in the POV. Be sure you check the website for the latest deals before you head to Vegas. You can also use a new program called Travelaxe that is a free hotel rate search engine to help you find hotel deals.

You will find many Las Vegas and gambling related articles on the site. There is also a forum for members to share ideas, news of promotions and other information.

Huntington Press Discounts

Along with printing the newsletter, Huntington Press has become one of the major publishers of gambling related books. Many of the new books are offered to LVA subscribers with a pre-publication discount.

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